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Competition between makers of electronic medical implants is intense, and the pressure to differentiate products has led to decreased size and new power hungry features. As a result, pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs) almost inevitably fail due to limited battery life. EnduranceRhythm's proprietary technology addresses the need for longer-lasting medical implants.


EnduranceRhythm has designed and patented a microgenerator that harnesses kinetic energy from the heart to power electronic implants. Since the heart beats 60-100 times each minute, it provides a regular source of mechanical energy. Pacemakers and ICDs have two major components: a generator that sits underneath the skin near the collarbone, and 2-3 wire leads connecting the generator to the heart wall. The EnduranceRhythm microgenerator will be placed within the lead tip. As the heart muscle contracts and exerts pressure against the lead tip, the generator converts this motion into electricity, providing adjuvant power for the device's primary battery. The device would not require any change to the existing implantation procedure. Mathematical models, confirmed by initial prototypes, indicate that we can increase pacemaker lifetime by at least two to three-fold.

Improving the lifespan of implantable medical devices